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Providence offers both Home Health and Hospice services to our community.

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Home Health Care

Are you needing home health care for your loved one?  Working in the home health care industry for many years we understand that it’s quite a big step.  There are many benefits to having a home health care assistant.  Some of these reasons are:

  • The patient can stay at home.
  • Offering assistance only at the time of day needed.
  • Keeps families together when one needs more help.
  • Allowing for maximum freedom and security
  • Gives your loved one the dignity they deserve by staying in their home.

As you can see, there are many reasons to look at home health care for your ailing loved one.  The benefits often times also include longer life.  Being happier with life will allow them to want to live longer and be stronger.  We all want what is best for our loved ones.  And, home health care is the way to go.


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Things to consider for In-Home Health Care

When you’re looking at the various options for the aging loved one, we understand that there are a lot of options available to you.

Choosing which option is best for your situation is something that only you can truly do. However, we would love to speak with you about what we do provide.

Keep in mind that having someone come into your loved one’s home is something that is very personal to them as well.

They should feel comfortable to the idea and know it’s with their best interest in mind. Many times, they already know they need help and it’s okay.

What to expect from In-Home Health Care

We are happy to provide a few things while working with you, things like:

  • Medication monitoring. Yes, this is something that can be confusing to some people.  Did they take their meds today?  What time?  How much?  Not sure, oh no.  That is why it is important for someone to monitor their medications.  We don’t need any accidental overdose for sure so keeping track is vital.
  • Meal Preparation-After some time, it may not be wise for your loved one to use the stove or other things that could cause burns, fire or harm to them. This is where we come in.  We are happy to provide you with the best meal’s that may include dietary restriction and they can keep them company while they eat. 
  • Companionship-This is key to an aging loved one’s happiness. Many people don’t think to stop by for a visit as often as they should.  Your loved one is sitting alone for days and often cannot drive or get around.  Having someone look after them with their interest in mind is the most rewarding thing our company offers.  We have seen people come alive with having the extra companionship they wouldn’t otherwise have around.
  • Errand running-We can run all the errands that the household should need. Medication pickups or even a run to the park to sit under a tree for a few hours.  Getting some fresh air and going out and about again will help with the longevity of their life as well as provide some happiness.  That is the goal to maintain a healthy and happy life. 
  • Personal Care- Many cannot take their own baths, showers, tend to their hair and nails as they would like. That’s where we come in to ensure they feel and look their best. 

Let us help you get the home health care services that you need.  Give us a call, we are happy to offer any assistance and answer any questions you may have.

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